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Posted by Tibor on April 24, 2007

It may seem ridiculous, but I’m proud of it :-). This is the blog statistics chart of How to make better photos on 24 April 2007.

Blog stats 24/04/2007

It’s a relatively fresh blog that I started in December last year. Since that time I haven’t achieved my original goal – improving my photography skills by receiving comments on my pictures – because very few people comment on my pictures. However I became passionate of writing posts for my blog and seeing the – still very low, but sometimes jumping – number of my readers day by day. Furthermore I discovered some of the inner workings of the blogsphere.

  • the title of a post does matter: other bloggers on are surfing through posts possibly like me – reading as little as possible and selecting just by a few words
  • textual posts are – quite understandably – more attractive for search engines than single picture entries
  • posts with strong visuals are more attractive for human readers
  • there are cold periods throughout a week: during weekend days I have even fewer readers than other days
  • there are hot – or at least warm – periods within a day: I suspect that the majority of the users of are living in the US since the number of my readers start increasing after 4 p.m. CET.
  • there are hot topics that might attract much more visitors than others: the best day ever of my blog was – don’t laugh, please 🙂 – when I posted the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom vs. Nikon Capture NX article
  • traffic can be generated by being nice and posting on other’s blogs
  • building popularity and attracting traffic is hard work and requires time

A much more authentic article on the topic and a great collection of links can be found on

Update on April 26, 2007

I thought I had understood a few things about blogging and number of readers attracted by blog posts. I know nothing. I have no idea what might have happened here. See this chart below:

Blog stats 26/04/07 small



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